• Current Ph.D. students/advisees: Huan Yang and Jing Ma (visiting PhD student).
  • Graduated Master’s degree students whose projects were under my supervision/advisory:

Hua Lin (2003), Scott Weber (2003),
Tian Lin (2004), Wenbin Ma (2004),
Peter Chung (2006),
Avi Lessner (2011), Luis Rodriguez Ruiz (2011), Meredith Williams (2011),
Joshua Brown (2012), Nathaniel Nichols (2012), Richard Rothman (2012), Joren Wendschuh (2012),
Xu Li (2013), Mike Lucini (2013), Kadeem Samuels (2013),
Cheryl Cossel (2014), Marc Gagne (2014), Elena Schanta (2014), Zi Wang (2014),
Jiajun Duan (2015), Sean Lerch (2015), B. Bhagyavati (2015).

  • Graduated Ph.D. degree students:

Yuecheng Zhang (Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, Sept. 2006),
Dissertation: Studies on Reliable and Accurate Services for Event Sensing, Reporting, and Monitoring Applications,
Employed by CableVision when graduated (now Senior Emerging Technology Engineer at ESPN);

Qiang Wang (Ph.D. degree in Compute Science, May 2007),
Dissertation: Middleware Support for Developing Adaptive Applications across Heterogeneous Environments and Systems,
Employed by Goldman Sachs when graduated (now VP, Equities and Derivatives at Barclays Investment Bank);

Qing Ye (Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering, Jan. 2008),
Dissertation: Dynamic Multicast and Time Synchronization in Wide-area Sensor Networks,
Employed as a R&D Staff at Cash Cycle Solutions when graduated (now Senior Staff Scientist at SAS);

Shengpu Liu (Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering, Jan. 2012),
Dissertation: A Context-aware Reflective Middleware Framework for Mobile Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks,
Employed by Epic Systems Corporation when graduated (now Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn);

Lisa Frye (Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Jan. 2012),
Dissertation: Applications of Ontology in Hierarchical, Multi-tier Networks for Network Management,
Employed as an Associate Professor at Kutztown University when graduated (now Professor and Department Chair at Kutztown University);

Suk-Un Yoon (Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering, Jan. 2013),
Dissertation: Wireless Signal Networks: A Proof of Concept for Subsurface Characterization and A System Design with Reconfigurable Radio,
Employed by Samsung when graduated (now Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics).

  • Student awards: LONGLAB students were sponsored to attend various off-campus conferences, symposiums, and workshops.

Huan Yang was awarded a student travel grant to present at IEEE MASS 2015.
Suk-Un Yoon was awarded a student travel grant (sponsored by NSF) to attend IEEE PerCom 2012.
Qing Ye won the 2nd Prize Award in the Student Paper/Poster Competition at the 2006 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium;
Yuecheng Zhang won the Student Poster Award at the Wireless and Optical Communications Conference 2005.

An External Member of Seventeen Ph.D. Dissertation Committees.

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