Smart CityDr. Cheng’s research is geared toward enabling intelligent infrastructure based on real-time sensing and model-driven data analytics through inter-disciplinary projects, such as cyber security and smart grid (DOE and PITA projects), infrastructure monitoring (NSF and PITA projects, Underground Sensing by Elsevier’s Academic Press), and IoT middleware (an NSF project seeded by his work on networked appliances in 2000). He is also an expert in ad hoc networks (NSF, DARPA and PITA projects). His research has been funded by ABB, Agere Systems, East Penn Manufacturing, and PPL as well. He has advised 6 Ph.D. students to their graduation, supervised 2 postdocs, advised 22 Master’s degree theses, and co-authored more than 100 papers. He is a keynote speaker at 2015 IEEE International Conference on the Edges of Innovation for Smarter Cities and a founding member of Lehigh INE (Integrated Networks for Electricity) Cluster.

Dr. Cheng is an associate professor at Lehigh University, directing the Laboratory of Networking Group. He currently serves on advisory boards for Allegheny Region Cleantech University Prize Collegiate Competition and Computer Science Department of Kutztown University. He received a Best Service Award as the Local Chair of IEEE MASS 2014 and Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Minority Junior Faculty Award. He was a Visiting Professor at TU Dortmund and University of Science and Technology of China during his sabbatical year and he also worked at Rutgers University and Duke University in his Ph.D. studies.

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